Ethan Newberry Ginger Runner Interview

Two new media ultrarunning beer dorks get together to chat about road marathons! Yay!

Fresh off his run at NYC Marathon, Ethan Newberry (aka The Ginger Runner) and I get together to chat about why road races are so tough, what differentiates the experience from trail ultras, and why they hurt so bad mentally.

Pic by Rob Riccardo
Pic by Rob Riccardo

We also talk about the state of new media in our sport, whether team scoring will take off, and beer. Lots of beer.

Bonking?  Pic by Rob Riccardo
Bonking? Pic by Rob Riccardo

Episode Notes:

Episode sponsored by Destination Trail Runs.  Tahoe200 registration opens TODAY. Get on over there and sign up!

Intro/Outro Music by The 88. Check them out here and on iTunes here.

Here’s Ethan’s Ginger Runner site with all the links you need.

And finally…sorry again for the poor audio quality.  My house/studio/life is in disarray right now.  It’ll be better by next episode.


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