Ethan Veneklasen Interview

Ethan enjoying the spoils of a tough race.

Ethan Veneklasen – First Hundred in Ten Years Interview

You’ve heard Ethan on the podcast, but this time he jumps to the other side of the mic as I chat with him about running his first hundred miler in ten years. What’s changed since he left (besides him getting faster?) and what’s stayed the same? What lessons were learned at Cascadia Crest, and what’s next on his agenda.

If you’re looking at your first hundred, this’ll be an informative interview. Ethan has a unique perspective on the sport and offers some great advice. Key word: Adapt!



URPPhoto2Episode Notes:

Ethan is a HOKA and Ultimate Direction Ambassador

He tweets here.

Outro music: Rudy Can’t Fail by The Clash

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