Firestone Walker Brewing – Double Jack, Imperial IPA

Being a fan of Firestone Walker Brewing’s (FWB) Union Jack IPA, I was happy to see their Double Jack American Imperial IPA available in bottled-four-pack. I have only seen it available in 22 oz bottles, and with a abv of 9.5%, that’s a enough to make me forget my own name.

Double Jack American Imperial IPA
*Note: FWB recommends drinking Double Jack within 120 days of it’s brew date. Seeing how we are at the end of September and the brew date was March – I cannot say that I have the full benefit of a fresh sampling. But fear not my hop-head friends, I’m still going to drink it. I went to Chico State, after all.

As I said, it’s 9.5% abv. Don’t drink this after a trail run and then drive. Bad idea. This beer is HUGE!

Golden yellow-orange abyss. Starts out cloudy but then becomes really clear. Impressive.

Hoppy goodness smacks your sense of smell and says, “Hello. I’m a big ass bitter beer.” Made with seven, SEVEN different kinds of hops, this beer has nearly won as many awards (six).

Double Jack Info

Your nose should have warned you. Double Jack is big upfront with an assault of bitterness and hops. FWB did an amazing job of masking the high abv, so watch-out! This beer will sneak-up on you. Sit back and enjoy this beer, slowly, and enjoy some good company and food along with it.

Double Jack is part of FWB’s Proprietor’s Series, which includes a porter, barley wine, imperial stout and imperial special bitter. If by chance my wife is reading this – HINT! AH-OOHHHGAH!!!!! If you happen to be traveling through San Luis Obispo, drop by Firestone Walker Brewing Company and support a local brewer.


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