Five Qs with Lauren Hadley

10550927_10203432837995875_5781295836511438715_nName: Lauren
Age: 25
City: Orlando currently (originating from Chicago)
Married/Kids: Not quite yet… single at the moment 🙂

1. What was the last race you ran?

Just ran the Pinellas Trail Challenge (46 miles in high heat/humidity in Florida on a bike path). It was epic, I took 6 hours off my previous 50 miler time from a year prior and experienced a “successful” race beyond the 50k distance for the first time.

2. Favorite trail and why?

A nice little 3.5 mile loop in the “Enchanted Forest” sanctuary in Titusville Florida. Why? Long story very short, it was my first experience with ultra-running back in 2011 when I volunteered during the “Ancient Oaks 100 mile endurance run” in that park. I fell in love and swore one day, I would pass under those same trees while finishing MY first 100 mile race.

3. What are you working on as a runner?

Again, so many things! Major thing would be overcoming the hesitation that comes from fear. I fear injury, I fear failure, I fear looking like a “poser” in this community of bad-asses! Last year was a major breaking point after DNF’ing my first 100. In all reality I gave up long before the race, but it didn’t sink in until I handed in my number. This year my mindset has been totally different, completely focused on returning to where I quit, and not quitting this time!. I started working with a coach and it’s been a huge turning point for me because I have someone with whom to discuss these fears and figure out if they’re valid or not. I’m learning the best way to get over the fear is to just do what you’re scared of, and discover that your fears have no correlation with your actual abilities.

4. What do you wish manufacturers understood about MUT runners?

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t consider myself a “MUT” runner because I don’t run mountains! So… I’m not sure…

5. Florida’s a crazy place. How are the runners down there?

The runners down here vary in every way. You have the very high mileage runners (Aly Venti) and the people who somehow seem to finish 100’s on 5k training (Matt…). You’ve got the “angry” runners and the “happy” runners, and the ones in between who keep doing this for some reason of which they’re not sure 🙂 Most of all, the FURs (Florida Ultra Runners) are big on community and supporting each other. We’re slowly gaining a friendly reputation around the country!

6. Bonus: What’s your favorite beer?

Don’t drink too much beer, but I love wine! Although I’m definitely not enough of an expert to name a brand off the top of my head.


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