Five Questions after his first ultra: Justin Hargett

Name: Justin Hargett

Age: 28

City: Oklahoma City

heartland 50 photo

1. So this last weekend was your first ultra. Three sentences, how’d it go?

Fantastic, thanks to great volunteers, race directors, and my awesome parents who were my crew.

It was supposed to be a lot hotter but we had perfect weather all day.

I had so much fun even at the tough times, I’d do it again in an instant.

[ed: Justin ran the Heartland 50.]


2. What’s the biggest physical lesson you learned?

I think the biggest lesson I learned was that I recover a lot faster than I would have expected.  This in turn means that I learned to push myself a lot harder than I would have otherwise.  I learned this in a big way when I did back to back marathons 5 weeks before my 50 miler.


3. What was your training like?

I used this site as the basis for my training plan.  I did do back to back marathons but that was the only major change I made to the plan. I honestly planned on doing strength training but it never happened, I just ran. Pavement on weekday runs, trails on the weekends.


4. What was your lowest point and how’d you get out of it?

On my first training marathon only two miles in I was at a bad point, I was just wasn’t feeling it and was in pain.  I stopped and asked myself “How bad do you want this?”  I knew that if I didn’t work hard then, I’d pay for it come race day. I’ve thought of that moment since to help keep me motivated.

The toughest part in my 50 miler was when I got lost for 5 miles when I should have had a mile to go to the next aid station.  This was completely my fault and this was the only time where not finishing came to mind. Then I reminded myself of all the hard work and training I put in that was all for this moment and that I couldn’t let myself down.

5. What’s next on your calendar?

Right now I’m looking at either a 50k or a marathon in june, and I plan on doing the marathon at The Hawk Hundred in September, where I can meet Chris Thomas who you’ve had on before.  I have a feeling another 50 will be coming up soon but I’m not sure when yet.  Right now I’m going to focus on getting better at hills, and speed two things I didn’t ever really work on before.

Bonus: What’s your favorite beer?

Okay sorry I’m too much of a beer fan I have to go with 5 on this list.

  1. North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
  2. Samuel Smith’s  Imperial Stout
  3. Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout
  4. Victory Storm King Imperial Stout
  5. Left Hand Milk Stout


Thanks Justin! Have fun on the trails!


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