Five Questions with Meghan Kennihan

23369531[2]Meghan Elisabeth Kennihan, 33.

I’m from from La Grange, IL (Suburb of Chicago) and I’m a Personal Trainer and Run Coach. I’m single and LOOKING, but haven’t met anyone who can keep up 😉


1.  What’s the worst piece of running advice you’ve ever heard?

Tell every runner that they are “almost there” at mile 10 of an ultra because it will make them feel better. OR… wear the race shirt on race day…. Not cool. Don’t do it.

2.  What does a “normal day” look like for you?

Wake up @ around 7am, 15 minute HEADSPACE Meditation + Foam Rolling and stretching, 8am Breakfast, post articles or run/fitness facts on social media, 9:30ish Gym or Outside- Workout, Strength, Kettlebells, Plyometrics, Train Clients, 3:00pm Lunch and check email, revise run client plans, answer coach questions etc., 5pm Yoga, 6:30pm Dinner, 7:30- Train Clients, food prep or crafting (scrapbooking, card making), 9:00- Night snack, Netflix for 30 minutes with Amber Glasses :), Bedtime Tea  10:00pm BEDTIME


3.  What’s next on your running calendar?

Ice Age 50 Miler– If I can run by Mid-Feb….been struggling with a hip injury that I can’t figure out… I can literally do EVERYTHING but run (plyos, box jumps, jump rope, elliptical, stairclimber, bike, powerlifting, row machine… NOTHING hurts it except the one thing I want to do most RUN!)


4.  What one race is atop your bucket list?

Olympic Marathon Trials 2016, Pike’s Peak Marathon… Non- Race: Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim


5.  What do you think about when running?

I usually listen to Podcasts so I get all sorts of ideas of new workouts, training etc. from the fitness podcasts I listen to…or fun knowledge facts from podcasts like Stuff You Should Know, URP, Radiolab, etc….if music/podcast-less… I think about am I going fast enough? Do I feel pain here/there? How is my breathing?…. HENCE why I put in the earbuds 🙂


Bonus: What’s your favorite beer?

Try not to hate me but I don’t like beer [ed: Everyone’s got their own taste. You don’t like beer? No problem! More for me!]… I never had to acquire the taste for it because I went to a city school and we always went to bars where I got mixed drinks bought for me :)…. SO…. I LIKE Vodka… straight with water and a lime or lemon… and Red Wine… Pinot or Shiraz. I guess if I had to pick I should say 312 because it’s made in Chicago but I’ve never had it

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