FlipBelt Review

I’m a big believer in simplicity and like products to do what they’re supposed to do well.  Unnecessary bells and whistles, doodads, and fancy logos don’t make a product better, but generally detract from the intended use of the gear and just drive up the price.


I first heard about the FlipBelt in December of last year at The North Face Endurance Challenge from some elite athletes who were chattering about how excited they were with what this thing could do.

I’d never heard of it, and was pretty unimpressed when I peaked over their shoulder and saw what they were so excited about. It looked like a fitness belt you’d pick up at Big5 and wear for the first couple of months of your New Year’s resolution, then abandon in your workout drawer until next January. No water bottles. No clips. No Velcro.  Just a stupid belt.


However curious, I snapped one up on Amazon a few weeks later for $24 and have been using it religiously ever since. Here’s what I’ve found:

Since there are no buckles, you need to order a size (S-M-L).  I’m a 32′ waist and ordered a Kermit green, size Medium. It fits perfectly.  I pull it up over my legs, just like shorts, and it’s wide band helps me forget it’s even there.

The design is stupidly simple.  It’s a wide, tubular belt with a bunch of slits in it. Each slit is 2.5″ long, and they are placed 4″ apart, for a total of four access points.

Flipbelt review

Stuff something in the slit/pocket, and pull it back out. The FlipBelt isn’t for the person who likes to have everything perfectly organized.  It’s essentially a junk drawer for your on the run needs.

This thing is the perfect complement to hydration packs.  Packs are great for gear, but let’s be honest, they don’t provide a ton of immediately accessibly pockets for small items.  Keep your pills, your S-Caps, and your essentials in your vest pockets, then fill the FlipBelt to the gills with gels and you’re good to go.


It’s perfect for carrying my Simple Hydration bottle. I’ve always tucked the bottle into the back of my shorts, but now I tuck it into the FlipBelt and it keeps it off my butt–and away from the heat.

Fully packed

This thing holds a TON of gear.  I’ve managed to fit 20 gels, a tube of NUUN, my phone (iPhone with case), a large set of keys, a packet of my new obsession The New Primal grass fed beef jerky,  and my wallet in there, with plenty of room to spare.

It’s light. Mine weighs 2.5oz.

Light and easy to pack.

 It.does not budge.  I have run hundreds of miles with mine, and it has never once slipped or budged on me, even when unbalanced by a big phone or wallet. It’s a combination of spandex and lycra, it fits tight, holds its shape, and stays secure.

It’s washable.  Mine has seen its fair share of dirt and mud, and I’ve abused the poor thing with old gel packs, but every few weeks I’ll toss it in with my running gear on cold, then hang dry it and it comes out nice and green again. Note, there are myriad other colors available.

Don’t freak out about your stuff falling out.  The belt fits tight (though the wide band disperses any pressure) and the thin slits work well to keep your gels, money, and phone all contained.  I’ve not had one issue of anything falling out of mine.

Mine held all of this!

If you are interested in purchasing a FlipBelt, please consider using this link to Amazon. It’ll drop a few nickels into the URP bucket and allow me to continue to do unbiased gear reviews for the site. Thanks!



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