FlipBelt Water Bottle Review

Review of the FlipBelt Water Bottle

I’m a big fan of the FlipBelt and reviewed it right here.  Not only do I wear it on 99% of my runs, but also to carry keys with my pocket-less crocheted shorts.  I stash my phone, keys, and a few gels in there and have got everything I need for nutrition.  The FlipBelt water bottle was recently released, and I’ve been using it for the past two months.  This review is only for the bottle, not the belt.

flipbelt water bottle

In the past, I’ve either carried a water bottle in my hands, or more often, tucked a Simple Hydration bottle into the back of my shorts, or between my shorts and FlipBelt.  Now there’s this option.

The FlipBelt water bottle comes in two sizes–6oz and 11oz–but I found virtually no need for the smaller version, so this review is focused on the 11oz model.  The bottle is rectangular-shaped with a slight bend so as to fit around the waist.

flipbelt water bottle

Summary:  The FlipBelt water bottle is a nice way to integrate hydration to the minimalist waist pack, with a few key drawbacks.


  • No bounce at all whatsoever. Anyone who wears a FlipBelt understands.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • Relatively cheap at $10 for the 11oz.
  • Soft silicon nipple is easy to open on the fly, but then stays closed and does not leak.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect length to stay secure in belt.

The FlipBelt water bottle is perfect for your low-maintenance run or runner, weekday runs where you don’t need much fluid, or maybe an additional bottle for your longer trail run.  Your humble reviewer tried running Lake Sonoma 50 a few years ago with one 11oz bottle (different brand) and was completely dehydrated by mile 34.)

flipbelt water bottle
Size comparison for reference. Flipbelt, 110z bottle, 6oz bottle, standard UD bottle.


  • The FlipBelt water bottle won’t stand up on table. That sucks when you’re trying to fill it up with sports drink powder.
  • Opening too small to accept ice.  That means it’s either warm water or iced overnight, neither ideal.
  • Opening too small to neatly fill with any powdered supplement.  I either use a small kitchen funnel or end up getting powder all over the place.
  • With such a small opening, it’s really tough to dry out.
Ice can't fit. Bummer!
Ice can’t fit. Bummer!


  • If you’ve got something in one your FlipBelt pouches (keys, phones, gels), and you push your FlipBelt water bottle into that same pocket, pay attention, or you’ll shove the important stuff out the other side without noticing.  I did it and learned my lesson.

Overall Opinion of the FlipBelt water bottle

As much as I love the bottles, these drawbacks are a real bummer. I understand the design need to keep it slim, but that doesn’t change anything:  I still can’t fit ice or powder in my bottles.   For the price, these are a great addition, and since they’re also sold 2 for $14, you could also keep one half frozen in the freezer, while the other could be used on the fly.  Overall, I’d recommend the FlipBelt Water Bottle.

flip belt water bottle.
….and I’ve got skinny fingers.

Buy One!

If you’re interested in purchasing a FlipBelt water bottle, please visit your local, independently-owned running specialty store.  If that’s not possible, visit the site here for ordering information.  As of this writing, they are not available on Amazon.


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