Fri, Aug 24

Three cycling fitness myths that are actually kind of true.

Nick Clark’s Leadville race report.

If fear is taking over, you might as well let fear drive.

The USADA is stripping Lance Armstrong of his titles.

Here’s the Indiana Trail 100, where anyone who can beat the AR of 12:44 wins a $25k bonus. Fair to the ladies?

I don’t know. This guy seems like kind of a wanker to me.  He only trains with weight belts and is convinced he can break 2 hours, if only someone would pay his living expenses for two years. Thanks to Ryan for the tip.

This Ryan Sandes video makes me want to run.

People who eat breakfast are smarter and skinnier.  I generally eat two…one before my run, and one after. Does that make me realllllly smart and suuuuuper skinny? Nope.

Tony K’s Leadville race report. Good stuff.

The NY Marathon is doing away with drop bags. Good policy or sign of the times?

I’ve got a feeling Thurs was the first time URP Daily News and celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ shared a story.

The Sweat Science guy writes about an Alaskan canoe trip he took that didn’t go as planned.

If Uli Steidl and Leor Pantilat go out to beat (Leor’s own) FKT in the Cascades, chances are they’re going to do it. Keep in mid they did it while taking some killer pics!

You know all those bright green Nikes the Olympians were wearing? Here’s the story.  Biggest surprise? Adidas was the “official shoe” of the Olympic Games. FAIL.


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