Fri, Aug 3

Good stuff from Roes on the Mountain Wilderness Factor.

Kim Crow-My body doppleganger?

Enter your age and weight here and see which Olympian’s body you’re most similar to.  I’m most like Kim Crow, an Aussie rower. If we’re the same height/weight, why does she look buff and I just look skinny?

Here are some Newbie Cliffs Notes for your first hundred.

Got a new pair of shoes and I’m loving them so far. New Balance XC900, a low and lean cross country flat…expect a review of them in the next few weeks.  Also expect a review of the shoes I returned. Felt great in the store, felt awful on the trail.

The Sweat Science guy breaks down male/female times for the marathon. Interesting stuff. I’d love to see a comparison for longer distances.

As someone who attracts chicks ticks like crazy, here’s another disease to worry about.

Nine awesome tips to help you finish an ultra…great stuff for newbies and veterans alike.

Did you know the barefoot craze has hit the golf course?

Video: Ansel Adams wilderness trail porn from Leor. How bad do you want to be there?

Dieting vs Exercise for weight loss.


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