Fri Dec 7

By now you’ve no doubt realized that we did some remodeling. You like? Help us test compatability and find bugs and shoot me an email with any fixes.  This new layout will help you all see what’s new on the site, and will allow for a real RSS feed.  And yes, we know there’s a picture of a soccer game. That’s #1 on the list of “learn how to fix.”


AJW’s thought on the trail running boom.


Video: I don’t know where this is, but it’s beautiful and I want to run there.


If you’ve read the recent Smithsonian piece on the myriad corpses scattered on Everest, here’s a sane response to the rather sensationalist story.


Here’s a race I wish I was running.  Simple, small, and beautiful, running in Woodside Park is awesome!


The Western States Lottery is this weekend. We bought 2o raffle tickets and are hoping for the best. If we get drawn, we’ll be giving away the entry to a lucky listener. Speaking of site changes, you saw the new look of WS, right?


The greatest mountaineering (ham sandwich) survival story ever told.  Thanks Don.


Beautiful pics from Matt Hart’s recent excursion into a giant hole in Arizona.


Olive Oil Joe’s TNF race report.  I’m sure something was learned.  At least he ended it with a trip to Lagunitas!


Follow up on something we linked to last month: Dax’s sister’s race report of her first trail run after having a full lung transplant.  Read this, but have some tissue handy.


Worth linking to again: Nikki Kimball’s new movie looks awesome and is looking for some help.


Sugar free beer? The reviews are in, and it sucks.


I haven’t bought a pair of non-running shoes is years, either. I guess it’s one of the benefits of being a professional dad.






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