Fri, July 27

Damn, here’s the Speedgoat 50k entrants list.  List porn? I make it a point to not bet against world class steeplechasers in any distance, so I’ve got Max King FTW.

And then there’s the Waldo 100k entrant list. Yowza!

Thrust your hips.  Oh, wait, I mean, trust your hips.

Thanks for the help tracking down Frosty. We’ll hopefully have a compelling discussion with her and serve it up to you soon.

Complete Olympic Games schedule is here.

We are the 99%.

The Mongolian Sunrise to Sunset 100k.  Whenever I see a runner at a race taking a video I think “dude, forget the video and enjoy the moment”, but then I go home and geek out to the videos and are thankful they took them. Oh well.

The Insane Junk Food Diets of High Endurance Olympians. Really? Hey Mr. Author, go hang out an aid station and report back to us.

Wyatt Hornsby’s final four weeks before Leadville.

I know this has been happening for years, but it still saddens me.

If all restrictions were lifted, science could push athletes to new superhuman extremes.

WTF(oam)?  Why don’t these weirdos just run on the trails? Better yet, no.

This gal had to battle “dingo swarms” on her 400km jaunt across Oz.

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