Fri, June 1

Check out our new podcast with Scott Jurek. We talk about his new book Eat and Run, race strategy, diet, pain, DNF’ing and a ton of other topics. NOTE: If you downloaded it right when we posted it, you’ll have to re-download it. There was a mix-up and it was cut off. Sorry about that.

The chemistry of high altitude running.


Barefoot O.G.

Zola Budd won’t watch the Olympics.

I know I’m late to the party, but here’s more trail porn from Tony K, and here’s his plea to bring SkyRunning to the US.

Once again, I wish I was in the UK this weekend for some fell running.

And this week’s study shows that exercise……*flips coin*……increases risk to your heart disease.

AJW reflects on becoming a WS spectator.

Some clear thinking regarding “hot” marathon cancellations.


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