Fri, May 25

So, where will you be in 4 weeks?

Running and Faith. Do you believe that your training will pay off? Do you believe that, despite age, you’ll get faster and go longer?

Could a similar article be written about someone in ultra running? Maybe a little, but without corporate hype, our top names really are the best in the field.

I’m reading a review copy of Jurek’s new book Eat and Run, and it’s pretty good so far. Review forthcoming.

Notes for an aspiring ultrarunner, part two.

Roes pulled out of Hardrock. Bummer, but it’ll be great to see him back at 100% when he returns.

Again, fell racing intrigues me. Apparently finishers get whiskey tumblers at this race on the Isle of Man.

Is anyone else really interested what Killian’s up to next Tuesday? Racing to the moon? ¬†Running up Everest?

This is an important post and a great way to improve your fitness. I have good days and bad days, but often I chalk it up to “well, I’m just off today” rather than trying to identify the trends that led up to it. Diet? Sleep? Was it the run from two days ago?

Footfeathers on The Art of the Race Report.  Because Scotty and I talk with people about their races so often, reading a report and not being able to ask questions drives me batty.

Ah, the debate continues. Eight more reasons for Kenyan and Ethiopian dominance.

Sorry folks, URP is closed on Memorial Day. No news coming out.


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