Fri, Nov 16

Did you see him on Rock Center? Watch him on Running the Sahara? Read about him in Running America?  Here’s our brand new podcast with Charlie Engle.

WS is reporting that after 9 days, there are already 1900 lottery entrants for the 2013 race. Good luck!

JFK50 is this weekend. Just a quick scan of the 1,000+ entrants shows Bev Abbs, Ed Ayres, Zach Bitter, Josh Brimhall, Eric Clifton, Ellie Greenwood, Max King, Roy Pirrung, Glen Redpath, David Riddle, Ian Sharman, and Ian Torrence. Wow! What a great mix of old school and young runners!  For what it’s worth, I averaged out the ages and found it to be just over 43 years old.

This guy may not be a runner, but he’s competing an ultra-distance event in a way that’s almost inconceivable.

AJW drops some motivating motivation tips.

I really hope this first paragraph isn’t about me in a coupla weeks.  After a month of zero exercise (due to the Achilles), I’ve been at it again. Decent mileage and intensity, hoping it’ll get me through TNF in two weeks.

Photo Leor Pantilat

Pics and a video from the Finger Lakes…Leor Pantilat, of course.

Incredible video timelapse of the Pacific Crest Trail.


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