Fri, Nov 2

Lithia Loop is tomorrow, and I’m not running. Have fun everyone!

Ever had a “ROCBRCODTTE  in a race?  This is textbook good RD decision making.  Hat tip to Jeff C for the story.

This is a race report from a 5k, but it’s definitely worth a read.

I didn’t realize USATF had an MUT council.  What exactly do they do?

Want to hear Paul Terranova’s (Meredith’s other half) race report from the Kona Ironman portion of his Grand Kona Slam?

Thanks a ton for all the great shoe advice from our FB thread yesterday. I’m listening to Amy and Ellie and going with Montrail Rogue Fly‘s for now.

“One runner got stabbed by a tree root underwater and the wound finally turned septic after getting exposed to muddy swamps over the next few days.”  Good Lord, people.  Just stick to some beautiful single track and enjoy life.

Me with my Simple bottle.

Contest: I’m a big fan of Simple Hydration (here’s my review) and they’re running a contest on their FB page this week where you can win a free bottle.  Head over here, “like” them, and leave a comment on their page about the last time you really took a different path and tried something new with your running. Be sure to include URP in your post and I’ll help choose two winners next Wednesday.  They’re also giving away extra bottles if you share their most recent testimonial video (hey, that’s me!)

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