Fri, Nov 30

Whoo! The North Face is gonna be a doozy! As I’m writing this, we’ve been told that there will be a course change, but we don’t know what that entails yet.

…and here’s a good briefer on Sage Canaday and Cameron Clayton.

Want to know who really owns your beer? Here’s an amazing list that shows the wide reach of our two major domestic “beer” companies.

And another holiday gift guide.

Would you buy race insurance? I guess we need to know how much it’ll cost and how hard it would be to file a “claim” but interesting idea.

Skyrunning adds a bunch of new events, including bringing UROC under its belt. To cut the course or not to cut the course…that is the question.

Video: Kilian really is a machine.

Yeah, it’s all in Italian, but I ran this article through the google translator contraption and found out that one of my favorite runners, Marco Olmo (video), has written a book about his life and running.  I just hope it gets translated to English because the translator sucks.  If you’re not familiar with him, Marco won UTMB at age 60.

Here we go again. The WSJ says “too much” running is bad for you. Luckily, the Sweat Science guy is there to defend us.

Bryon does one of his quirky interviews with Sage Canaday.

Know the secret to keeping a nice form while barefoot running? Carry an injured bandicoot under your arm!

After some down time, Wyatt is getting the itch again and training well.

Video: Kayakers have very close encounter with whale. They’re speaking Norwegian, but apparently they curse in English.

Running as medicine.

Speaking of TNF, here’s a neat DVD that follows 6 ordinary runners through Australia’s TNF 100k.

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