Fri, Nov 9

A “soft America” accepts the challenge of the JFK50.

Bikes might return to the PCT. Noooooooo. ┬áTake action now so we don’t have to bitch about it in the future!

Unintentional (and really cold) barefoot running.

AJW is back to racing.

Ian Sharman gets his “results” from the Western States research findings. Interesting.

Running in the jungle in the Amazon was quite an eye-opener. I don’t think I’d go back. You see big snakes, some guys saw jaguars and, when you cross the rivers, there are piranhas. When you are sleeping in your hammock you can see lots of red eyes around you. The wildlife is not your friend in the Amazon,” he said.

How to train for your first 50k.

OK, all politics aside, that’s funny.

The rise and rise of extreme running.

Bad weather running: Yuck or yay?

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