Fri, Oct 12

Did you catch our new podcast with Seattle RD James Varner?

Nike sticks by Lance. Shameless.

This dude loves his sandles.

Science: Interesting study on risk factors for shin splints and stress fractures.  While everyone I know has had shin splints, I never have. Maybe this is why.

This guy tried to rip off a  jewelry store. Problem was, the clerk was the Irish triathlon champ and chased him down. WIN.


Photo Ian Sharman

Ian and friends pull off a circumnavigation of Mt Hood and get some killer pictures along the way.

Important stuff: I’m a big believer in speed work for ultras. Here’s why.

Apparently Mike Morton (or Martin, as the writer calls him) is going to race 24 hours–on sand–in February.  Think about your calves. Oy! Article about half way down.

Here’s a powerful excerpt from Training on Empty about an elite runner dealing with anorexia.  Her new book is out (it’s only $6!) and I’m reading it.

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