Fri, Oct 19

Paul Terranova completes the Grand Slam plus Kona Ironman. Daaaaamn!

I’d say the hardest aspect of ultrarunning: Learn to pace like a pro.

AJW follows up on one of his best columns…Further Ruminations on Grit.

Boulder XC star tries his hand (feet?) at ultras with RRR as his first event. Here’s his impressive story.

The WTC (World Triathlon Corporation) dings an age grouper for doping.

…and here’s the strange way Kenya is dealing with doping claims.

Better late than never: Anton and his FKT attempts, packs, and incredible pictures.

If you’re in the Sacramento/Davis area, we’re having a “Bats and Beer” run tonight. ¬†We’ll be running with the largest concentration of Mexican Fruit bats (that’s 250k of them) in California, going on a run, then enjoying some beers. Lemme know if you’re interested.

Here are some badass athletes (including Cliff Young), but I think the editors may want to revisit this list after this week.

Do you know your footstrike?

From the no sh#t file: Massages cause hormonal changes.

Here’s some incredible footage from all sports taken with a GoPro.


Coping with injuries.

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