Fri, Oct 26

Sore achilles? Apparently things have to get worse to get better.

Javelina Jundred is tomorrow and Mike Morton is running.  It’s his type of course and I’d say that record is toast.

Ha! The Freakanomics guys figure out that you really are what you eat. Reverse causality at its finest!

As we discussed yesterday, Kenyan doping…exposed.

How is this not a bigger deal? This old Italian dude (70yo) has been covering 80km (~50miles) a day since March the damn 4th.  He’s about to set a record if he keeps it up through Sunday.  Did I mention that he’s not running on flat road, but up and down the mountains of the Alps? Go Tista, GO!

Musings from a rookie XC dad. I love that sport.

How to prevent an injury from reoccuring.

Anyone doing the Sacramento triple? The Damn Run on Sat morning, the Beer Mile that afternoon, then Folsom Lake 50k on Sunday? If so, beers on me!

AJW on one of those runs.

This headline confused me. I thought, really? I thought he was a smoker. Oh, you mean that.

How to train for obstacle events.  I’ve still never done one of these, let alone been to one, and I really don’t feel an empty hole in my soul because of it. Am I missing out?

…and if you want to do obstacles but don’t want to get dirty, here’s an urban version.

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