Fri, Sep 28

Leadership lessons from the backcountry to the boardroom.

Video: OK, I know parkour is passe, but wouldn’t it be a blast to run with this guy and have him just go crazy jumping over bushes and rivers and launching over rocks?

If you’re looking for a nice crisp German sour beer that’s perfect for the end of summer, I had this last night and it was great. It was also only $7/bottle.  Goodbye IPAs, hello sours.

Our bodies perform better on a different clock that we’re used to. What if races started in the evening? Would you race better?

Athletics Kenya confirms drug use. Booooo!!!

AJW nails it.  The selfishness and unitaskiness (how’s that for a word!) of the solo long run is wonderful.

This sentence caught me: “…so many runners eat breakfast tacos after their training runs.” Wait, what? I grew up on Mexican food and have no idea what a breakfast taco is, but I want one right now!

Here’s another stage race that Stateside. 220k over 5 days in Colorado.

Speaking of stage races, it seems that Grand to Grand coverage is up and running now.  A Spaniard and an Italian are leading, and Sarah Lavender Smith is 2nd female overall, just 30 minutes from first.

This guy ran his first 50k in 2:50:36(!) on a “steep” course and he’s ready to race again.

Heading up to Grant’s Pass today with the family to run The Enchanted Forest Wine Run. If you listened to our podcast with Timmy Olson, it’s the one he’s directing with his wife.

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