Fri, Sep 7

Coffee helps reduce pain. Gimme!

Now in Metric!

Did you see our new >42k sticker? Visit our Donation Aid Station here to find out how to get one for yourself.

In an attempt to be non-political, AJW takes some jabs but doesn’t recognize that many of us aren’t obsessed with numbers.  I don’t know my best marathon, 50 miler, or 100k time. I know how I felt and what I learned and what place I got, but the time? Meh.  Clearly Ryan stepped in it by making up a time instead of saying “I don’t remember.” Moving on…

Top 6 benefits of interval training. I get #3 each time.

Thinking about running Lithia Loop Trail Marathon? You’ve heard Scotty and I talking about the course, the beer, the competition? Check out the new Facebook contest to win an entry and…hint….you’ll have to name a beer after HK.

Some beautiful pics from Mount Ouray.  Don’t ya love this time of year?

Wow, check out La Petite Trotte Leon…290k of unsupported class IV and V scrambling, 22k meters of overall climbing through the Alps…these two guys did it in 125 hours…with pics.  It makes Jill’s UTMB finish seem (unjustly) minor in comparison.

Wasatch is underway! Follow live results HERE. Also use twitter #w100.

…and more pics from a crazy beautiful race in Switzerland.




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