Friday, Dec 13

Bruce Fordyce is slated to run WS100 next year.  After 29 years, his 50 mile WR (4:50:21)still stands, as do his 9 consecutive Comarades wins. Stud.


urp graphGreat hill workouts. It still surprises me how few runners do specific hill training.


Marshall Ulrich does an AARP video…and it’s great!


Hmm, the former Vibram CEO has left jumped ship and is starting a new shoe venture. Yeah, I’m intrigued.


We’re interviewing Caitlin Smith today for a new podcast episode. I can’t wait!  She’s a doula, an Oly Trials marathoner, an ultra champion, and has recently said “F it” to 50 milers.   Anything in particular to speak with her about?  Leave a comment!


I know it’s from last year, but should races use Groupon?


I reviewed a cider and posted it on the Beer Reviews page. Not bad…for a cider.


How hard to push yourself when exercising pregnant.


Lookout Mountain 50M is tomorrow in Chattanooga. Looks like an awesome course full of Civil War history. Anyone ever run it?


AJDub nails it again with really Why We Run Trails.


How to rehab your refrigerator.


Jez Bragg’s report from todays 154k jaunt.


Yassine’s report from his Pinhoti 100 race (where he snagged a WS entry.)


The importance of being a beginner.


If you’re looking for a great cookie recipe (diet be dammed!) and ya love ginger, go with these. I’ve made them three times now and they are great.  Ya might want to keep them in here.








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