Friday, Dec 21

Here we go again…let’s fight over ibuprofen!


OK Mr. Sweat Science, I usually like you.  I’m also a firm believer in the placebo effect.  Both of those things said, my Achilles issue was not in my head. At least I hope not. God, how embarrassing.


Finally, a list of all the fatasses in the country. Taken out of context, that’s pretty hilarious.  Now URP will get a bunch of hits from guys looking for some BBW porn.


Suzy Favor, circa 1991. Getty Images.
Suzy Favor, circa 1991. Getty Images.

In case you missed it yesterday, our high school crush has been working as a Vegas escort. Wow!


The best gifts are not the things you ask for.


AJDub on the Ultra Community.


I’m not entirely sure what this says, but I think this study found that ultras make ya stoOpid.  Anyone care to translate?


Great article on extreme sports. Yes, that’s us apparently.


If you’re wondering which races Scotty and I have lined up for 2013, there’s a list over there on the right.  If you’ll be at any, shoot me an email and let’s have a beer exchange.


Jill had a year packed with races. Great reports and pics, too….especially those “Sustina feet.”


I need to get this in audio and have it mixed into my playlist every hour or so.


NUC whatsoever, but I like this video.  Don’t make assumptions.


Finally, updates maybe spotty for the next week for the Christmas holidays.




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