Friday, Dec 28

Great read: Lize’s love/hate relationship with running.  And BTW, if you haven’t read her book about an elite marathoner (her) dealing with a severe eating disorder, then coming out of it as an ultrarunner, it’s only $6 right here. I’m still reading it and it’s definitely worth it.


Some of the links on the right aren’t working. We’re in the process of changing the site (yeah, again), to make it more of a “site” than a “blog.”  It’ll be up and running smoothly by Monday.  Thanks for your patience. Advice? What do you like/dislike? Leave a comment or email us. Thanks.


Ah, Brett, how I love you.


Speaking of beer, thanks to listener Jack who tipped us off to this strange clip where Kathie Lee Gifford shows her love for Lagunitas IPA.


And speaking of Lagunitas!…here’s my latest review on their Imperial IPA Lagunitas Sucks.



This high school kid from Montanta and Mike Foote are spending Xmas break in a way only an endurance junkie could understand.


I remember Melody Fairchild from my highschool track years. Now she’s tearing up the mountain scene!


AJW’s top ten ultra performances of 2012. I usually quibble with lists like this, and though I would like to see Amy Sproston’s 100k ranked higher, I don’t know who it’d have to displace. Great list!


Congratulations to Jesse and Ken from the URP Endurance Team for completing their circumnavigation of Folsom Lake. They passed a prison, multiple bridges, rivers, the town of Cool, the WS Course, WTC Course, bike paths, single track, and finally crossed a big ol dam to make the ~70 mile journey.


Great review of a fast looking road flat from Adidas.


Pretty cool video/recap of Jason’s 2011 Western States adventure. Definitely makes me feel like I was there.


Camille Herron, elite marathoner and uber beer fan, is stepping up to Comrades next year. Awesome!


On a personal note, I’ll be running around McKinley Park in Sacramento tomorrow (Sat) from 4am-4pm for no damn good reason. If you’re around and want to join me, come on by! A crisp new URP sticker goes to the first person who replies with the beer I was drinking last year during the same run.



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