Friday, July 6

Stress slows your recovery from workouts. Relax…

Want to see a runner break his leg in a race? Beware.

Speaking of sprinters, Michael Johnson approaches a subject I’m going to stay away from.

…and speaking of genetics, are we wired to run?

Here’s a great description of a coastal 100k in Oz.

Trail porn (c)Kelvin Trautman

Some raunchy trail porn from the Salomon 4Trails race in Germany.

Leor Pantilat puts down the camera and wins the inaugural Inside Trail Marin Ultra Challenge. Beautiful images on a tough course! ¬†Leor hasn’t lost a race since Dec of 2008.

Sarah Lavender Smith has a lot on her plate right now as she tries to find away out of the “busy trap.”

And finally, yet another case for the benefits of speed work.


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