Friday, June 29

This movie looks beautiful…I just can’t figure out what the storyline is.

How to move a Michigan brewery to India. And yes, they said Garam Masala Pale Ale. Ugh.

A little trail porn from Mr. Roes in Alaska.

Job opening: Endurance events manager at Disney.  Imagine the possibilities if the job fell into the right hands!

Pre’s last appointment with his Barber.

Ellie powering through Foresthill a/s

Ellie’s WS picture report.

I wish I were in Eugene right now watching the Oly Trials. Lord Balls is there, my folks are there, a few other friends and acquaintances as well, and they all got to see Max King come in 6th last night in the Steeplechase qualifiers.  Awesome!

From down under: How to stay motivated it quieter times.

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