Friday, May 18

So Anton, Dakota, Joe, Geoff, Killian, Max, and Ian are sequestered in Europe getting ready for Zegama. Meanwhile, Ryan, Meb, and Abdi are all running togetherthis weekend in New York. Damn, I feel like I could enter any race in the country and finish respectably!

Photo from Ultra168's Facebook page.

Here’s a pre-race interview with Max King, courtesy of iRunFar.

I know ultra runners like their ‘staches, but let’s not let it get too far.

This Laz (no, not that Laz), has a goal of finishing last place at his next race.

UTMB’s sister race Ultra Trail Mount Fuji starts today.  Check out this video.

More on foot strike science.  Just find whatever works for you, and do that.

Quick interview and video of Ryan Sandes.

A few diet tips from Jurek.

Speaking of diet, we interviewed someone with an incredible diet yesterday and will be releasing the podcast either today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I think Karl is obsessed with making Speedgoat the most unrunnable 50k in the country.

Zion 100 photo courtesy Gary Gellin

There’s really not a word to describe how much I hate this guy. As my mother would say…I hope he gets diarrhea in traffic.

URP listener Cory submits a race report from Zion 100. Just as I expected, beautiful!

And here’s Inside Trail’s Gary Gellin’s race report from Zion.

The proper technique for running uphill and downhill.

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