Gabi Maudiere | Another Tough DNF. Now What?

Last weekend Gabi Maudiere lined up at American River 50 miler and felt off from the start. She battled stomach issues the whole way, never able to shake the nausea and finally throwing in the towel at mile 42.

Gabi Maudiere
Gabi Maudiere before the gun.

So what happened? She’s run the distance before. Heck, she’d won a 100 miler on the same course two years ago. Is it a GI issue or it nerves or menstrual issues or is it a psychosomatic problem that goes along with a string of DNFs?

Gabi Maudiere
Gabi Maudiere at aid station.

In this interview, Gabi analyses her training, her mental buildup and struggle on the trail, and ultimately her decision to call it quits and look for another race. Could she have made it the whole race?

Gabi Maudiere

We’ve all had DNFs—OK, most of us–and we all know that this silly sport is as much a mental game as it is a physical challenge, so what will Gabi do when she lines up at her next race? Can she change her diet in hopes of finding the right balance? Do more mental exercises to get past this struggle? Smash up Imodium and mainline it at the start?

Gabi Maudiere Episode Notes

Here’s Gabi’s blog.

Here’s Gabi’s ultra signup.

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