Gary Robbins Interview – Pacing 100s, Barkley, and Squamish

Gary Robbins Interview

Gary Robbins joins URP to chat about a wide swath of topics, all of which kept me captivated during our hour-long conversation.  This is one of those interviews that I’ll go back and listen to over an over, as Gary drops a few metric tons of wisdom on this funky little sport of ours.

gary robbins
Photo by Glenn Tachiyama.

In this Gary Robbins Interview, we cover three main topics.

  • The Barkley Marathons. Gary just ran the race last weekend and made it 4 1/2 laps with eventual winner Jared Campbell before succumbing to sleep depravation.  He tells a great story about specific difficulties associated with this iconic race and what his odds are of finishing it next time.
  • Directing Squamish.  One of the few races with a 50k on Sat and a 50M on Sunday that can be combined for a 50/50 time.  How does he attract top talent to the event? What’s the secret in drawing a high level field? And why does he have to make it so damn hard???
  • Pacing someone to their first hundred miler.  What are the physical and emotional considerations when pacing someone for their first hundred.  When to have them push, when to play it safe. When to talk, when not to. What questions should you never ask, and what do you do when your runner starts to cry.  Gary Robbins  tackles all these questions, and a whole lot more. This is essential listening for hundred miler runners and pacers.
gary robbins
Gary Robbins. Pic by Brice Ferre Studio.

Gary Robbins Episode Notes

1433130291923Episode Sponsored by Shadow of the Giants 25/50k on June 11 in Yosemite.  More info here.

Here’s Gary’s website with all of his info and here’s the site for Squamish.

Gary runs for Salomon.

Follow Gary on the twitter machine right here.

Gary is pacing Ben at Cascade Crest this summer. Here’s our interview with him from last year.

And here’s the Ginger Runner’s report from last year when Gary Robbins paced him to his first 100 finish.

Cover photo (blue hat) by Craig Kolesky.


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