Gavin Woody – Big Race Prep and Ultra Wisdom

Gavin Woody saw combat time in Iraq as an Army Ranger.  He’s an Eagle Scout, he’s finished HURT, Badwater, UTMB, Susitna, Tor des Geants, Western States, Bigfoot 200, a few Ironman triathlons, and a whole lot of other endurance events.  He’s Past President of a huge foundation that gets families into the wilderness, and he’s got a huge race coming up in a few days. Needless to say, he’s got a lot of ultra and endurance wisdom to share from his adventures.

Gavin Woody
Gavin Woody en route to his Susitna 100 finish in Alaska.

Next week, he’s taking on Arrowhead 135, in which he’ll have to confront sub-zero temperatures while pulling a damn sled across northern Minnesota.  So what drives him to these types of events? Who does he depend on to ensure success? How does he get a sled from Seattle to Minnesota?

Gavin Woody
Gavin Woody at Badwater

What lessons did he learn at Western States?  How about UTMB? What does he expect to learn at Arrowhead?

Gavin shares a story about running on base in Northern Iraq while the human waste was being burned trackside. You’ll have to hear it from his mouth.

For a guy who relished endurance sports, we also talk about his first DNF, why it happened, and what he did to conquer the JMT on his next try.

Gavin Woody
Woody family, xmas 2016.
Gavin Woody
Gavin Woody at Yakima 50k
Gavin Woody
Looks like fun?




Gavin Woody Episode Notes

ultramarathon transelkirksEpisode sponsored by the Transelkirks Run in Revelstoke, BC.  Looks like an awesome 5 day adventure with a great RD and fun accommodations.

Here’s the site for the Arrowhead 135.

Here’s the site for the outro track by the band The 88.

If you’ve got music you think would make a good outro track,  Email me here .  I’d love to share it with the URP audience. Thanks.

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