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Grayson Murphy (Saucony) has yet to run past 26.2 miles, but she’s got everything it takes to make a big impact in this sport. She’s a former collegiate track/xc runner who also ran steeple. She finished 2nd at Bridger Ridge Run, one of the more technical trail runs in the country. She trained with NAZ Elite but quit to focus on family and trails. She works hard in training and has a long-term plan, and yeah, she just won the World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina followed a week later by X-Terra Trail champs in Hawai’i.

Grayson Murphy after winning X-Terra Trail Championships in Hawaii.

In this interview, Grayson talks about her life growing up as a soccer player with a twin sister, how she found running, what’s brought her to the trails, and when she might make her ultra debut. We also talk about body image issues and expectations and how those affect us.

Grayson Murphy Episode Notes

Here’s a cool article about Grayson’s mentor and coaching team Emma Bates and Kameron Ulmer.

And here’s a track from Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Definitely adding to my running playlist.

Here’s the Bridger Ridge Run website. and here’s our 2018 interview with 2019 men’s champ David Ayala.

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Grayson Murphy winning World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina in October.

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Connect with Grayson Murphy

Here’s her blog and her post about body image and running.

And you heard Grayson talk about her journals…find them right here. Great gift idea!

Follow Grayson on Instagram right this way.


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