Green Flash Double Stout Black Ale

I’m a I.P.A.-hoppy-hop-hop hophead, so venturing outside my cascade hop bubble is sometimes hard for me to do. Shame on me. On a recent visit to Whole Foods I was searching for a stout for a friend when my WF-BFF sang the praises of this stout from San Diego’s Green Flash Brewery. He nearly made the purchase for me, he was so excited about his beer. On to the review.

This beer pours with a nice caramel foam head and settles to a 1/4 inch. It has a very smooth entry with dark chocolate, coffee and woody flavor notes. Don’t worry the woody flavor is barely there and neither is the taste of alcohol. It has very low carbonation and is creamy. Definitely full of flavor and an excellent sipping beer – DO NOT CHUG! –

It’s a pitch black beer, daylight will not find a place to hide in it’s dark abyss. It looks like the oil that dipped out of my abused and well loved car in college. Raising your glass does make a statement; “HELLO. I’M BOLD. ENJOY.”

Final word: Ridiculous
Price: About $9 for a four pack
Value: Yep!
ABV: 8.8% – You might not want to have more than two.

Cheers – Scotty

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