Gretchen Brugman

Gretchen BrugmanAge:  39

How long have you been running? Since I started running middle school cross country when I was 11.

How often do you race? Through spring and early summer, about once or twice a month. I save late summer and fall for long, adventure runs through the mountains with friends.

Weekly mileage? During my training season, I average about 65

Favorite race? Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs (any distance!)

Favorite trail? The Pacific Crest Trail

Favorite shoe? Vasque Mindbender

Favorite distance? I really don’t have one. I’ll race anything from a 1 mile on the track to 100 Miles through the mountains.

Preferred terrain? High mountain singletrack.

Best performance? Not counting college track races, probably Miwok 100K in 2011 where I finished 7th woman in 10:43.

Bucket list race? UTMB or something in South America

Favorite beer? Black Butte Porter. Definitely.

If I wasn’t running, I’d be… writing, skiing, playing guitar really poorly, or taking my dogs to the lake.

Favorite aid station meal? Avocados with salt.

What do you do in real life? I teach writing and literature to middle school kids

You're awfully quiet back there. Anything to say?