Happy Veteran’s Day

Sorry, there won’t be any daily news today.  I’m staying off social media and most of the web for the time being, which makes it tough to find news stories. The internet is not a positive place right now, so I’m making a conscious decision to be outside and come back in when people can be civil towards each other.  Hopefully that will be soon.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize our Veterans going into this weekend.  


I’ve never served in the military.  My dad didn’t serve. My mom, brother, sister, uncles, and aunts didn’t serve.  Only a few of my friends have worn the uniform. Both of my grandfathers did, and a few of my cousins in New Hampshire did.  We lost one of them to PTSD just over a year ago. He was 24.

I also went to Team RWB Trail Running Camp in 2014 and spent a long weekend with veterans and active duty members and heard their stories. We ran together and talked while sharing trail time in the hill country of south central Texas.  If you want to understand veterans, I’d urge you to check out Team RWB and the good it’s doing for the community.  

(And if you want some low-brow entertainment, here’s a video I made of the Team RWB obstacle course race that year, featuring some pretty big names from our sport.)

Prepping for a cold run at Team RWB, 2014.
Prepping for a cold run at Team RWB, 2014.

So Veterans, Thank You. Thank You for your service and sacrifice.  Thank You to your family for their sacrifices.  

Have a great weekend everyone.


Though I feel ridiculous and saddened having to say this, no part of this post has political leanings.  The guy I voted for and the party I’ve been a member of for 20 years got bead badly again on Tuesday.


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