Headlamp Review: Ledlenser Neo10R

Ledlenser truly knocks it out of the park with one of their newest headamps, the Ledlenser Neo10R. This choose-your-own-adventure headlamp allows for numerous configurations, and with a maximum output of 600 lumens for a whopping 10 hours, it will easily become your new favorite headlamp.


  • Max Output: 600 lumens, 10 hours
  • Minimum Output: 10 lumens, 120 hours
  • Weight: 6.31 oz / 179 grams
  • Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Li-Ion (non proprietary battery, you can carry an extra.)
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Recharge Time: 6 hours
  • 5-year warranty
  • Comes with: Extension Cord, USB Cable, Chest Belt

Ledlenser Neo10R Overview

A little over a year ago I discovered the Ledlenser brand at an outdoor festival. I had been on the hunt for a brighter headlamp with a longer battery life, and walked away from the event with a new Ledlenser MH10 (also a 600 lumen headlamp). I immediately fell in love with the headlamp and the brand, and happily shared my newfound love of Ledlenser with all of my friends. Sadly, a few months after purchase someone broke into my car and stole the headlamp, so I needed to replace it.

I was all ready to purchase another MH10 when the new NEO10R caught my eye. Initially, I hard a hard time discerning the difference between the two. The only obvious difference from the picture was a vertical orientation of the battery pack.

Initial Impressions

When the Neo10R arrived, I popped it out of the box, charged it up, and took it for a spin. My initial complaint was the vertical orientation of the battery pack—not great for those of us who wear a ponytail or a bun—but, I quickly learned that you could remove the battery pack holder and change it to a horizontal orientation. I’m not sure if it was intended to be worn that way, but it does work.

Worn in traditional headlamp fashion, the Neo10R is a workhorse of a light. At 600 lumens it easily lights the way on even the darkest of trails.

The Neo10R is big enough that at first you may find yourself tuning in to the weight on your head, but once you get it cinched down it seems to disappear into the background. I started using the light day after day for my morning runs, and was surprised that it truly seemed to be living up to its 10 hour run time. At that rate, you could practically make it through a full night of running without having a backup battery.

How to Operate

The lamp is easy to operate with only one button. The first press turns the light on and at its brightest setting, and then it toggles down two levels with each additional press.

There is a bezel on the front of lamp that you can twist to focus the beam if you desire a more precise spotlight.

The Neo10R comes with a micro USB cable to charge the battery. There is a waterproof flap on the battery case that covers the micro USB connection point. A full recharge takes 6 hours.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Neo10R has multiple configurations to please every different type of headlamp wearer. You can go with the standard setup, which means the headlamp will be ready to go right out of the box.

You can choose to attach the cable extension for the battery pack and remove the battery pack from the head strap and throw the battery pack in your running pack or pocket.

Chest Setup for the Ledlenser Neo10R

Chest Lamp Setup for the Ledlenser Neo10R

Or, you can utilize my favorite feature, and convert the Neo10R into a chest lamp. Remove the battery and lamp from the headlamp strap and connect them both to the chest holster.

The chest holster can be worn on its own with the battery pack connected to the shoulder, or it can be worn in conjunction with a hydration pack and put the battery pack into one of your hydration pack pockets. Either setup is quite comfortable.

This setup gives you 600 lumens of light lower to the ground to more effectively light your way. You remove the heavier lamp from your head AND you can now use a lighter headlamp if desired. Which provides even more light for those dark, dark nights or super technical trails.

One thing to note, when I first started wearing the Neo10R as a chest light I was surprised by the light movement. I would have thought my torso would move less than my head, but apparently that is not the case. The movement was more noticeable when I focused the light beam, so in this configuration I would recommend going with a more diffuse light.

What I Love the Most

  • 600 LUMENS for 10 hours. Awesome.
  • Price point: At $100 this light is a steal.
  • Multiple configurations: With only one purchase you get yourself multiple options—headlamp with battery pack attached, headlamp with battery pack not attached, and chest lamp.
  • 5-year warranty. Who doesn’t love having a good warranty on a headlamp?

What Could Be Improved

  • Instructions. I only discovered the Neo10R converted to a chest lamp by scrutinizing what came in the box, and once I realized it could, it took me awhile to figure out how to do it. The instructions were definitely lacking and even the internet didn’t have much to offer (unless you understand German)
  • Weight: I’d love to see them lighten it up just a bit.
  • Batteries: I wish it was compatible with a standard battery, either double or triple As. Rechargeable is great, and definitely my first choice. But it is nice to be able to go with a standard battery if you find yourself in a pinch.


I highly recommend picking up the Ledlenser Neo10R. and do not think you will be in any way disappointed by the purchase. It’s a high quality, high output light, for a fraction of the price of more well known brands. If you don’t feel like you need the option of the chest conversion, you can save yourself $20 (and a few ounces) and go with the MH10. And if you think you can get by with 300 or 400 lumens, Ledlenser has even more options at lower prices and lower weights.

Where to Purchase the Ledlenser Neo10R

I have yet to find the Ledlenser brand at one of my local running shops, but I always recommend checking out the local stores first. If that fails, you can head on over to Ledlenser’s website to check out all of their different lights. Enjoy!

Your Reviewer: Sarah Bradham

I started my love of gear as a climber and as I turned my attention to running I shifted from carabiners, ice tools, and crampons to hydration packs, midsole foam types, compression clothing, and everything in between. After several years of foot injuries, I’m enjoying getting back to my beloved muddy and rocky trails near my home in Portland, Ore. In my work life, I enjoy coordinating an annual Mountain and Ultra Running Camp at the base of Mt. Hood with Yassine Diboun, Amy Sproston, Joelle Vaught, Krissy Moehl and Jeff “Bronco Billy” Browning. 

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