Help Design a Shirt That Recognizes the Most Inspirational Women of 2018

Just about two years ago, new-at-the-time clothing company rabbit worked with URP listeners and readers to design a shirt that celebrated the transformative women of our sport.  Here’s the original link.

Version 1 from Jan 2017.

It’s been a big two years!

Camille and Courtney are now common names in the ultra/trail scene, and hey, rabbit has really established itself as a cool clothing company with a pretty incredible team of athletes and some good press! The folks at rabbit reached out and asked if the URP crowd would help determine which seven names will appear on a new shirt for 2019. (It sounds like women’s and men’s cuts will be available, and possible kids editions soon.)

And this is where you come in again. Below is a pretty comprehensive list of female MUT runners. Some are current leaders while some aren’t racing any longer. The names are sorted randomly. Randomly.  If there are any egregious omissions, please let me know ASAP. It’s a huge list (!), and any oversights are purely accidental.

URP guest Liz Canty rockin the first edition.

Your job is to choose the seven women who inspired you the most in 2018.  Does “fastest” automatically mean most transformative? That’s all up to you. Did they run a lot of races or just a few? Maybe none? Doesn’t matter. We’re looking for the most inspirational. The point is to have a shirt that celebrates these women and opens up a conversation as to who they are and what they’re doing.

Non-disclaimer disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this shirt, other than hoping to score one for Sunny and one for me. Like last time, I just think it’s a cool idea.

rabbit shirt
Men’s edition from last year.

The rabbit team has offered to give away one men’s shirt and one women’s shirt in a random drawing. Please include your email so I can contact you if you win. Your info will not be used for any other purpose. I promise. Contest ends Christmas Day.

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