Hillary Allen Interview – Energy, Adventure, and Rest

Hillary Allen Interview

North Face athlete Hillary Allen joins Ethan and I to talk about her past few years of running, what she’s got on her calendar for this year, and where she sees this going later in life.

Hillary Allen
Scorpion? Lizard? Frog? What is Hillary Allen holding?


In this epidote  we discuss:

  • How her love for science sort of steered her away from tennis towards trail running
  • Hillary’s friendship with North Face team mate Clare Gallagher and the adventure they have planned for this year.
  • How she shapes her racing calendar to prevent burnout and maximize her talents and fun.
  • Her ultimate science geek job. Hint: It’s not from this century.
  • The importance of rest and how she feels when all she wants to do is explore outdoors.
  • How she balances a wicked competitive nature with having fun at the same time.
  • We ask a question posed by Patreon supporters about whether she’ll be doing this once her competitiveness has waned.
  • Which pro tennis players we like the most, versus those we don’t like at all.
  • The top five Daily News stories of the week, along with discussion about the rabbit shirt contest.
Hillary Allen
Hillary Allen in some amazing place.


Hillary Allen Episode Notes

ultramarathonEpisode sponsored by the Ancient Redwoods Running Festival.  Redwoods, rivers, trails, beer, music…yes please!

Here’s Hillary’s blog.  Be sure to read her December post about resting.

And here’s her twitter machine.

ICYMI: Here’s the shirt we/you helped design for rabbit.

Here’s the interview with friend and training partner Clare Gallagher we referenced.

Outro music by The 88.

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