Hoka slippers

Inspired by a photograph Myles Smythe posted a few weeks ago, and unsure about what to do with all the extra running shoes I have, I set out to make my own pair of Hoka slippers.  For these, I used a sample-model of the Hoka Clifton.


Step one: Procure materials.

  • Old comfy running shoes.
  • Strong kitchen or garden shears that you don’t mind touching your old stinky shoes.
  • Safety goggles and gloves. If you hurt yourself doing this, there’s no hope.





Step two: Cut down from lowest point of ankle collar with shears.



Step three: Cut down on opposite side of ankle collar.



Step four: Cut around bottom of heel.



Step five: Tie the laces tight (and make sure they’re threaded through the tongue.)


P1120684Step six: Enjoy!



These turned out great! I slip them on and off, they’re comfy, and I don’t mind if I lose them.

What’s your favorite running related hack?





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