Ian Sharman 2014

Ian Sharman Interview

SkyRunning, Coaching, Sports Management, and Costumes

P1070627Sarah and I chat with Ian about SkyRunning:  Who, what, when, where, and…how do I sign up?  Prior to chatting with Ian (who’s now the US SkyRunning Series Director), I knew it as a race series in Europe, run on trails I wasn’t familiar with and won by people I rarely recognized. Now after the talk, I understand what it’s all about.

We also chat about his current injury (and why it’s a good thing), sponsored athletes using sports agents, how his coaching business is doing, and which costumes are the best to run in.



Episode Notes:

Ian’s coaching website

US SkyRunning website (calendar below)

International Marathon comparison list I talked about

Trails in Motion Film Festival on Nov  16 with Sarah, Victor, and Ian

The Skyrunning series will be broadcast on ultrasportslive.tv.

Outro music: The Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums


Skyrunning Race Schedule right here.



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