IAU Trail World Championships Preview w Krissy Moehl and Alex Varner

Slipping on a racing singlet with USA emblazoned across the front is a big deal, and this weekend, eight MUT runners from this country will toe the line at the 85km IAU Trail World Championships in Annecy, France.


I chatted with two of our best – Krissy Moehl and Alex Varner – while they were en route to France to find out what they’re expecting from this super technical and monstrously vertical course.

In this podcast we also discuss:

  • What specific workouts Alex is doing to prepare for this.
  • What shoe sponsor Krissy is working with.
  • How Alex plans on recuperating between now and Western States.
  • What Krissy thinks of the team makeup.
  • How freakin’ fast Alex ran a 12k while strapped to 12 other dudes.
  • Krissy’s new book she’s finishing up this month!

Episode Notes:

Here’s the race website.¬†You can also follow the race here.

Here are IRF’s previews for the ladies and the gentlemen.

Here’s Krissy’s website.

Outro Music: Le Belle et le Bad Boy by MC Solaar



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