Images and Clips from Lake Sonoma 2019

First half are from mile 24.5 at the junction where runners take a left down to the turnaround.

Second set is from a half mile from the finish, right near the paved access road.

If you’d like to use a pic, shoot me an email and I’ll get you an HD copy.

Sorry I didn’t get everyone…I was with my family and doing my best.

Jared Hazen
Tom Evans
Sebastien Spehler
Gus Gibbs
Gus’ racing stripes.
Dakota Jones
Vincent DiMassa
Hal Koerner
Sebastian Spehler and film crew
Stephen Kersh
Max King
Stops to check out Amy’s unicorn costume
“Can I wear that?” “Sure, let me take it off.”
Fits well!
Bounding towards the turnaround.
YiOu Wang
Addie Bracy
Anna Mae Flynn
Magda Boulet
Jared charging back up the hill
Anna Mae Flynn in full beastmode hunting down YiOu Wang with a half mile to go.
Jim out for a jog watching the finishers.

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