Ink n Burn Running Shirt

P1040953To be fair, I need to separate this review into two sections: Design/color, and quality/features.

Design/color: Ink n Burn caters to the “matching running outfits” and “I actually care what I look like when I run” crowd. That’s generally not me, so it’s tough to be objective here.
I’m not a fan of flashy running clothes, and this design (above) is a bit much for me.  Perhaps a different version would have worked better, but I didn’t have a choice in what I sampled–only requesting a more tempered design.   Although they’re flashy, the company’s tuxedo shirt is hilarious, the Gordy shirt is cool, and the Christmas sweater vest shirt is perfect! In turn, my shirt is reminiscent of the Ed Hardy fiasco of the 90s and naughts, and remember, mine is one of the more sedate designs in the catalog.

Quality/features:  At first, the shirt seems to be just another tech shirt, but there are a few key P1040945differences. First, the ink appears to be printed in the shirt, not on it.  Because of that, the shirt has a softer feel, and I assume one that’s more acceptable to the bloody nipples crowd. The tag is also absent, with all the information printed on the neck itself.  In addition, it’s made and printed in the USA, which is awesome and something the company should be commended for. But aside from those aspects, it seems similar to any other tech shirt I get in swag bags at races.

So the question is, would I buy and wear an Ink n Burn shirt with a design I like?  If the price were the exact same as the mass-produced-in-Vietnam-shirts on the rack, then yes.

If you’re a person who’s really into looking flashy on the trails, then Ink n Burn is a perfect fit for you.

For transparency sake, Ink n Burn comped this shirt, though it retails for $40.

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