Isis for Women Chantilly Crew Neck

Move over raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… the ISIS Chantilly Crew Neck long-sleeves running top has just been added to my list of favorite things.

Before I expound on it’s merits, I should be forthright with the disclaimer that in an hour I intend to go running in my $9.99 capri running tights that I bought at Grocery Outlet 2 years ago. So, you may be thinking, and rightly so, that someone who is willing to run in a garment that cost less than a handful of GU may not know a quality running top if it bit her on the … That would be an excellent point, but it makes the following statement more worthy of your attention. Even I would pay retail for this shirt! I love, love, LOVE running in this top! Seriously, I got to wear it only a couple times before the weather warmed up. I have been waiting to wear it again, and judging from the icicles I see outside my window, today is the day!

The best way to describe this top is that it’s like wearing a warm hug. The material is silky smooth, super light, and breathable, and it’s form fitted without being compressive. I have other fitted running tops that aren’t as flexible making if fairly uncomfortable to bend at the elbow. The Chantilly top, however, is comfortably snug and allows for total freedom of movement. It’s perfect to layer underneath of my running vest.

All weather top is good for iceskating too!

Besides the comfortable fit, the shirt seems to be fairly temperature versatile as well … Warm when you need it, cooler when you don’t. Given that there is not an onboard computer, I’m guessing the material is just magic. As for wicking away moisture, it’s the best! I also like that the shirt is a little longer which holds it in place and prevents it from riding up.

Function is important, but let’s keep it real. When it comes to women’s running gear, fashion is a must …


even with us dirty, trail runnin’ ultra types. Granted I am not the guru of running high couture, but I think I look pretty stylish in this shirt. ( Don’t be put off by this picture… gray really isn’t my color. It’s a good thing that it comes in 2 other colors, pink and blue). In my opinion, this top looks tough with a splash of femininity (yes femininity) by way of the oh-so-subtle swirly floral design that is interwoven into the fabric.

The only thing I would change about thus shirt would be the neckline. You can see that it has a high crew neck, which is arguably warmer in cold weather. As for myself, though, I am a V-neck kind of girl, but that is just personal preference. One last word on fashion, because this shirt is form fitted, it definitely accentuates the positive if you know what I mean. Throw on a strand of pearls, and it almost translates into evening wear.

This shirt definitely satisfies function and fashion like no other. At $59.99 it is a bit expensive, but I would say well worth it. I have washed it several times and it still looks brand new. If you are going to splurge on a long-sleeved tech running top, I would definitely recommend this one!

Reviewed by URP Endurance Team member Abby Hunter

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