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College kids get a bad rap sometimes. No direction, no plans, they don’t appreciate their situation and they’re not willing to work for results, right? Jackson Brill is here to change your mind. Jackson is a twenty year old junior at CU Boulder who’s been tearing up the trails and has plans for a long and sustained career in this silly sport of ours.

Jackson Brill
Jackson Brill loving the trails. Pic courtesy Elliot Whitehead.

In the past year, Jackson finished third at San Juan Solstice 50 miler, he won Run the Rut 50k, and won the Quad Rock 25 miler. He was all set to run North Face Championship this past weekend, appearing on numerous prediction lists as the dark horse who could walk away with a win.

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In this interview, we talk about starting at such a young age and how his running career has differed from his friend and coaching mentor Melody Fairchild’s and what type of races he’s going after. We talk about his hesitation at jumping into 100s and what it’s like to line up against really fast dudes. When will he take on bigger distances? When he’s comfortable with his current training and is ready to move up. (Remember? Smart kid.)

Jackson Brill jumping on single track
Jackson Brill. Pic courtesy of Gnar Runners.

Jackson Brill Episode Notes

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Here’s the page for the Camp Fire fatass.

Jackson coaches with the Boulder Mountain Warriors. I would’ve loved to chat more about this but we were out of time.

Intro/Outro music used with permission from David Rosales.

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Jackson Brill…stoked.  Pic courtesy Cordis Hall.

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