Jared Hazen Interview | Golden Ticket Grab at Lake Sonoma

Jared Hazen will line up at Lake Sonoma 50 in two days with one goal: Earn an Altra Golden Ticket to the Western States Endurance Run in June. His fellow Coconino Cowboys are in, but for he and fellow Cowboy Eric Senseman, this is their last chance for 2018.

Jared Hazen
Jared Hazen. Pic courtesy Myke Hermsmeyer

In this interview, we talk about what has passed since his last interview on URP. At that time (2015), Jared was 19 years old, working at a Subway in Colorado, and though he had an impressive string of wins, he seemed to lack direction. In this latest episode, we discuss how he’s grown, how his training has become more targeted, and how he’s changed mentally and emotionally. One thing hasn’t changed: He’s fiercely competitive and is going for the win at every race.

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Jared Hazen pic by Mike Hermsmeyer
Jared Hazen pic by Mike Hermsmeyer

Jared Hazen tells me about weight routines he does with Jim Walmsley and the other cowboys and how mile repeats on the track at 7k feet at 5mpm pace have helped him get in shape for Lake Sonoma. In his words, he’s “confident, in good shape…and has a feeling (he’s) had before.” While I wrongly assumed he’d be hoping Jim could help pace him during the race, Jared made it clear that regardless of who’s toeing the line, he’s going for the win and thinks he can get it. Get ready for fireworks on Saturday! (bang bang)

Jared Hazen pic by Ty Lohr
Jared Hazen pic by Ty Lohr

Jared Hazen Episode Notes

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