Jason Bryant, SRA Mark Bunkley, Major Grant Flynn

Three separate interviews with runners from Camp RWB.

jason bryantJason runs for La Sportiva and is nicknamed “Mountain Goat” for a good reason…he’s able to ascend technical terrain better than anyone I’ve seen.  In this interview, I pick his brain about how I can improve at that skill and he tells me how he practices in his living room.

Be sure to check out the videos below.






10620269_10205425447142108_7654995983441855240_oSenior Airman Mark Bunkley has been running his whole life, but has just recently started ultras.  I talk to him about his transition from track events, through the military, and about this new sport of ultrarunning.  Mark was inspired by a book written by Dean Somethingorother…






Major Grant Flynn has never finished an ultramarathon, but he is a Ranger-qualified soldier who competed in a 60 hour exercise with all sorts of issues to overcome.  Serious hard-core stuff that should set him up great for a hundred miler.






Note: The podcasts were accidentally recorded in stereo, and it can be a bit nuts listening to it with channels coming from separate ears. My apologies.

Episode Notes:

You can also see Jason in the obstacle course race here.

Outro music: Snake with Eyes of Garnet by Shane MacGowan and the Popes

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