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Jason Hardrath has been raging FKTs on routes all over the West Coast, with a focus on the PNW. Recently he realized he was in striking distance of catching the King of FKTs Ben Nephew and is loving the challenge of chasing big solo routes in the mountains.

In straight numbers, Jason is currently at 51 FKTs versus Ben’s 56. For reference, the third place guy has 27. Anton has 23, Kilian has 21.

Jason Hardrath

In this episode, we talk about how and why Jason transitioned from a solid triathlete and marathoner to a guy going after solo pursuits in the mountains. We talk about some of the similarities and differences between races and FKTs and the added elements of the former. Gear choices, route setting and finding, and FKT confirmation are all extra quirks that the athlete must bring to the table and Jason explains how he handles each.

Jason Hardrath

Jason Hardrath Episode Notes

Here’s the interview with Ben Nephew.

I mentioned Leor Pantilat. Here’s our chat with Leor from a few years ago.

I used this Adventure Sports podcast as a source for this episode.

Here’s the current list on the FKT website.

Here’s a video of the Kalaupapa Trail I referenced. And here’s a writeup I did a few years ago about running on Moloka’i.

Here’s more on Athletic Brewery.

Gear Chat with Ben

Disclaimer: All of these products were supplied to URP for gear testing purposes. No money was exchanged and all words and thoughts are our own. The Altra Timp link is an Amazon affiliate link and will put a few nickels into the URP coffers should you decide to keep the shoes.

rabbit EZ Tee Perf – $45

Ben says: “Light polyester with some spandex. Very breathable and light and it doesn’t cling to the skin when wet. Forty five bucks is a lot for a shirt, but it’s worth it.”

(And here’s the tank I was referring to.)

HOKA One One Torrent 2 | Summer 2020 release | $130

Ben says: “This is my Goldilocks shoe…it does everything well. It’s got a 23/18mm drop but feels like more cush.. Breathes much better and has better configured lugs than the first version.”

Skechers Go Run 7+ | $130

Ben says: ” This plus version has a different upper and is a lightweight and neutral shoe. The Skechers Go Fun 7+ has a 29/25mm drop and I wear it for everything…from long and slow to speedwork. This is my go-to road shoe and I love it.”

Altra Timp 2 | $140

Ben says: “This is an entirely different shoe than the original Timp. It’s much lighter, has a newer and tighter midsole and 29mm of cush front and back. But be weary, if you’re used to the original Timp, you’ll definitely want to try this one on first. It’s very different.”

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