Jay Friedman, MD Interview

imageHow could I not have Jay Friedman on the show? He’s a solid NY state runner, got into ultras by watching Jurek at WS100, he owned a running store, he’s an ER physician who works aid stations, owns part of an awesome brewery, and has got a million stories to share.

I met Jay at Western States this year when we did a quick beer exchange, and I immediately identified him as another great NY character (Cherie Yanek, Mike The Fruitarian Arnstein, Oz Perlman) and asked him to be on the show.

Which injuries does he see most of? What are the pitfalls of running an independent running store? And how in the hell did he get into the beer business?


Episode Notes

Here’s Jay’s blog

Here’s hisĀ Confessions of an Ultramarathon Skeptic article that I love so much.

Here’s the brewery.

Outro Music: Flesh and Blood by Oingo Boingo


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